Mastering services by our in-house industry leading master engineer

Plugin Music Professional Mastering Services

Mastering with 100% satisfaction guarantee

Mattias Fridell, our professional mastering engineer with multi-year experience and high-end equipment will add the final touch to your music. We make sure your music will be ready for any kind of digital release or vinyl.


Meet our master engineer

“Mattias takes care of the premiere sound quality for record labels like: Hypnus, Arsenik, Gynoid Audio Vinyl, Methodical including artists like Truncate, Luigi Tozzi, Ken Ishii, Sleeparchive, SNTS, Rebekah, Mike Parker. He delivers excellent mastering services for club artists all around the globe.”

Mattias Fridell
Plugin Music master engineer

What to expect

  • Professional sound quality meeting industry standards

  • A club-ready and streaming-ready master version (digital or vinyl)

  • Proper feedback on the sound quality of your mix-down

  • Free revisions of the master version included

Plugin Music Mastering Fees

Mastering of one track

Starting from 45 EUR

STEM mastering of one track

Mastering fee + 10 EUR for each STEM

Vinyl ready mastering of one track

Mastering fee + 10 EUR

Edits, changes or alternative versions with identical settings

Mastering fee + 15 EUR per track

Rush fee

Mastering fee + 30 EUR

Every additional master version (e.g. streaming services)

Mastering fee + 15 EUR per track


Before you send us your track

Make sure to render your audio files in highest quality, without clipping.


Render / export audio files in the same sample rate

As it was recorded and worked with

Deliver 24 bit audio files or higher

Don’t use dithering

Leave -3dB headroom

Or more

Don’t clip the audio

If your master fader is peaking at 0dBFS or above, turn down the DAW channels

Let us know your preferred end format

Streaming, vinyl, CD, etc.

Please double check your audio

Check if everything is as it should be

We can take a look at the sound quality together

In case you’re not satisfied with it

Submit your track

    Hire your professional mastering engineer