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A professional mix-down is a combination of trained ears, technical skill, and balance between sound quality and authenticity of every sound in a mix. Mastering is about adding the final touch, precise and correct.


Learn how to mix like a pro

If you want to know more about mixing and mastering, read the article ‘’How to start with mixing’’ and  “mastering basics” or attend our workshop. If you already know how to mix, but you want to get better, visit our exclusive masterclass or book your private session.


Ultimate sound quality meeting industry standards

After your composition is finished, you want to make the audio quality of your song as good as possible. The next step is getting your track mastered by a professional master engineer, who brings your song to the best quality possible, meeting the music industry standards. Many producers do mixing and mastering on their own, considering it as a required skill they would like to improve or see it as a way to save money. Other producers with a higher budget or lack of skill let professional mixing engineers mix their songs for highest sound quality. Having a track mastered by an engineer is an option most of pro music producers and record labels choose.

Professional mixing

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Professional mastering

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