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Plugin Music Workshop

Connect and learn together various topics related to music making

The advantage of physical workshops is getting insights in topics that interest you most and meeting people who ride a similar journey. Our online music workshops let you connect and learn together without the need to travel.


“The Plugin Music workshops are a great way to gain more information about music production. It was handy for me, especially when I started making techno with Ableton. They offered a workshop about how to make techno, so I joined immediately. Everything was explained in a very easy way, I loved it.”

Leia Drex / Disordered KindTechno DJane | Event Organizer | Music Producer

Connect and learn together

  • Insights from pro music producers

  • Meeting new people from the music business

  • No need to travel or attend expensive fairs

  • Stay in touch with attendees afterwards

  • Promote yourself as an artist of producer

  • Get closer to achieving your dreams

Plugin Music Workshop facts


Online (Zoom meetings)

Workshop duration

1-3 hours

Workshop topics

Music Production in Ableton, Electronic Music Production, How to Make Techno, How to Make House music, Mixing Basics, Mastering Basics, Recording Session

Workshop price

Starting from 20 EUR per workshop


The working environment as well as the people you meet have massive influence on your music production and growth as an artist

Get know-how and inspiration from music teaching ambassadors

The Plugin Music workshop starts as a webinar with insights of music production. Gradually it involves into an interactive place to meet fellow producers from the music business and learn together.


Meet new people for future collaborations

Attendees of Plugin Music workshops interact with the music mentor, while receiving and giving suggestions and ideas during the process of music making. Participants communicate with each other and get space to introduce themselves throughout the workshop, creating great opportunities to meet new people for future collaborations.


Learn with fellow music producers