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We are an online music school with focus on music production, music composition, audio editing, recording, mixing and mastering. We aim to provide our students the knowledge they need in order to grow in the music industry, with a personal approach and tailored content. Our team consists of experienced music mentors, musicians, producers and sound engineers with a mutual mission to support beginning music artists. We teach you how to make music from zero, how to optimise your sound quality and how to get your song ready to be released.


“It does not matter what music knowledge level you’re at or what music styles you prefer. We believe, that the best way to understand and learn is to have professional guidance and tailored content - carefully prepared for each student.”

Michal BasarPlugin Music Founder

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Plugin Music started in 2013 as a music production workshop for producers and DJs. Music enthusiasts and experienced artists gathered to support upcoming producers. In 2015, a series of seminars took place with various focus points, including electro acoustics, time management, audio production for games, event organisation, live performance, synthesis and modulation.

In 2017 we spent time with building a music production studio in Kittsee near Vienna, Austria for recording purposes and music courses of our members. After finishing the studio, the Plugin 2017 event was held with seminars, workshops, concerts, jam sessions and even a record shop.

In 2019 an interactive music workshop about electronic music production was launched, where we helped our client’s with their music projects. At the end of the year our first masterclass event took place about mixing.

The pandemic situation in 2020 and 2021 made us work even harder, and we decided to launch our online music production platform with focus on music production, music composition, audio editing, recording, mixing and mastering. Our team of pro music engineers and artists from the Netherlands, Slovakia and Sweden is ready to help you grow as a music artist in all thinkable ways.

We would love seeing you on board during one of our tailored music production courses, which you can follow from the comfort of your own home.


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